You Make a Difference in Internal Medicine

The University of Iowa Health Care Making a Difference program is designed to recognize individuals who have performed in an exemplary manner, consistent with the goals of service excellence, and with a commitment to quality care.

Over the last few months, members of our department were nominated by colleagues, patients, and patient family members for a variety of actions that have had a major impact. Recognizing others is fast and easy with the Making a Difference nomination form.

Huy Tran, MD, PhD & GI Group
Nominated by: Anonymous, Patient

I had a procedure in the UIHC GI suite last week. Dr. Huy Tran was the physician ‐ and I want to thank him for his care and diligence. I appreciated his obvious thoroughness in reading my medical record before meeting me. His kind manner and gentle humor helped ease my anxiety. RN Alexa admitted me to the GI suite and her expertise and knowledge showed through which was reassuring. I apologize for not remembering everyone’s name ‐‐ especially the RN who expertly inserted an intravenous into my cold, skinny arm!! The “time out” in the procedure suite was particularly helpful ‐- and learning everyone’s name personalized my care ‐‐ I felt that I was being cared for by real people… even at the end of their busy day. And, I am not sure how the clerks at the front desk manage a smile for everyone in a very long line of people checking into a busy clinical area!

Mohamad Mokadem, MD
Nominated by: Nanette Brokaw., Staff Member

Dr. Mokadem performed an EGD on a chronically ill patient. The patient’s mother mentioned how much she appreciated him stating, “He sat with us for a long time after the procedure and explained what he found and answered all my questions. He was  great.” Thank you, Dr. Mokadem, for making a difference to this patient’s mother by giving her your time and attention.

Poorani Sekar, MD
Nominated by: D.V., Patient

During my “2” stays in UIHC Dr. Sekar took the time to explain all the details, situations, an options available to me regarding my care plan. Dr. Sekar was attentive, caring, and listened to my questions and concerns. Dr. Sekar made certain to ensure that I fully understood the course of actions being taken to resolve my healthcare issues. Dr. Sekar was personable, knowledgeable, and demonstrated care about my healthcare.

Poorani Sekar, MD
Nominated by: M.A., Patient

Dr. Sekar is attentive to my needs at appointments. I feel comfortable with her input and decisions regarding my health. She has been a doctor I rely on through my struggles with infection and feel she has made it possible to maintain a healthy body. Thanks.

Ermei Yao, PA-C
Nominated by: Heidi Nobiling, Staff Member

In the early evening of 7/23/19, Jennifer Twombley and Ermei Yao responded to an emergency situation in the Pomerantz Family Pavilion phlebotomy draw station. They provided immediate assessment and care of a patient who fainted after having his blood drawn. The patient was injured and required care in the ED. Jennifer and Ermei  stabilized the patient and transported the patient to the ED for further care. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Phlebotomy staff, particularly because there are no nursing/medical staff employed in the Phlebotomy draw station and the patient’s condition obviously required care beyond the scope of the Phlebotomy staff. In addition, since this event happened late in the day. Jennifer and Ermei stayed beyond their regular work hours to provide this assistance to the patient. We really appreciate their help and teamwork in this situation, and they definitely Made a Difference for this patient in this unusual situation!

Maria Story, MD
Nominated by: J.N., Patient Family Member

Our family would like to say thank you for the amazing care the MICU gave my father and the respect they gave us as he passed this morning. Maria Story, MD, was so wonderful to my family last evening, supporting us in making a very difficult decision. We appreciate everything.

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