Review invitation becomes training opportunity

A recent publication in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN) details the ways in which iron deficiency can impact chronic kidney disease (CKD), reviews its mechanisms and pathophysiology, and compares various ways to diagnose and treat it while also managing the individual’s renal condition. The authors provide a comprehensive picture of everything from bone marrow biopsy effectiveness to a summary of seven clinical trials of iron supplementation in patients with CKD since 2007.

As useful and educational as articles in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals like this are, its production served another, equally important function as well—bolstering the scholarship experience of one of our fellows. Elizabeth Batchelor is a “very enthusiastic” third-year pulmonary and critical care fellow, but has wanted to explore research opportunities within nephrology, her “first love.” Someone suggested she reach out to Diana Jalal, MD, an associate professor in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension with significant and equally sized clinical and research portfolios.

Jalal had recently presented on the topic of iron-deficiency anemia in CKD at a meeting of the National Kidney Foundation along with Pablo Pergola, MD, PhD, of the University of Texas, San Antonio, and Csaba Kovesdy, MD, of University of Tennessee. After that presentation, they were invited by JASN to submit a review to the journal. Jalal extended that invitation to include Batchelor, who dove in. “Beth persisted through a tough review process in an area outside of her clinical expertise,” Jalal said. “I was very impressed with her hard work and dedication.”

Batchelor was just as happy working with Jalal. “She was everything I was told and more as a mentor,” Batchelor said. “After discussing my interests, she provided me with resources, support, and guidance. . . I have to give her the credit for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow in writing and editing it. I think she is a phenomenal advisor in this way, and in general, and I am extremely grateful for my time working with her.” Batchelor says that the JASN article was “a labor of love” and that she is “very excited to see it published.” She and Jalal have other future collaborations planned.



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