Soles 4 Souls community engagement extends deadline

In the middle of February, the department’s Community Engagement and Services (CES) committee launched its partnership with Soles 4 Souls, a global non-profit providing funds, footwear, and entrepreneurial support for people launching their own businesses. People around the world lifted out of poverty in part by the offering of gently used shoes dropped off into a dozen boxes located around the department.

The department’s boxes filled and were emptied, but then COVID-19 forced us to push the pause button on the campaign. The CES group had originally set a deadline of April 30, but now, as our department resumes working back on our main campus, our donations boxes have begun to fill back up. To date every division has contributed to the nearly 300 pairs of shoes received, but we believe our department can do better.

The CES group has extended the deadline for donations to the end of this month, Friday, May 29. Each division administrative office as well as the department’s main office have clearly identifiable spots where anyone can drop off donations.

Let’s finish strong, IntMed!

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