Chief Resident Introductions, 2020–21

Arnold~NicholasNicholas Arnold, MD

While growing up in a rural Missouri farming community, my enthusiasm for science and history were surpassed only by my love of Mizzou football (M-I-Z). During my time at the University of Missouri I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition while researching the interface between diabetes and female genetics on cardiovascular disease. Following this, I also completed my MD degree at the University of Missouri School of Medicine while continuing my research.

On the interview trail there were few places that compared with Iowa. It provided an opportunity to work at a nationally recognized academic institution while also providing the Midwest feel that I desired. Throughout my time here there has been phenomenal support, not only from the program but also from teaching faculty and fellows at Iowa. Most importantly, the collegiality and sense of family between my co-residents has been one-of-a-kind. I also learned how to properly tailgate like a Hawkeye on game days.

As a Chief Resident, my efforts will be directed toward further advancement of our outstanding of ultrasound curriculum and QI/educational research into high-leverage medical and code blue situations. Following this year, I plan to pursue fellowships in cardiology and critical care.

When I get to escape the hospital, I enjoy time with family and friends, talking politics, playing golf, spending time in the outdoors and pursuing my one true passion: finding the perfect piece of walnut lumber for woodworking.

Heuzel~Amanda_140Amanda Heuszel, MD

Starting from a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a doctor and take care of patients. My neighbor was a pediatrician and she let me go on rounds with her on Saturday mornings. This solidified my love of medicine and shaped the rest of my education and training. I left my home state of Kansas and headed north to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, for college where I studied my second love, mathematics. During my time as an undergrad, I was fortunate to be a chemistry and philosophy teaching assistant, which is where I fell in love with teaching. I also had the opportunity to teach a Buddhism course in China!

After college, I attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City. When I was looking for an Internal Medicine Residency, a good college friend told me that I HAD to check out Iowa. I’m so glad I did. People always used the phrase “Iowa Nice” on my interview trail, and they truly meant it. This program has provided me with better training than I ever could have imagined. Every day, I am humbled to be working with such talented individuals. Iowa’s leadership team goes above and beyond every day for our residents. I love the camaraderie at Iowa between residents, and I have met some of the most amazing individuals through this program.

The University of Iowa has challenged, inspired, and turned this terrified intern in to a Chief Resident! I am excited to continue my love for teaching through my role as Education Chief. I look forward to giving back to this program while having the opportunity to improve my leadership and clinical skills.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, reading, and exploring nearby restaurants with friends. Upon completion of chief residency, I plan to pursue a fellowship in cardiovascular medicine.

Soltys~Matthew_140Matthew Soltys, MD

I was born in Missouri but moved to South Carolina at a very young age. I remained in South Carolina until middle school when my father’s job brought us to Illinois. After graduating high school I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I majored in Kinesiology and Molecular & Cellular Biology. My two favorite memories at Illinois were leading the Orange Krush (the student basketball cheering section) & riding my bicycle from New York City to San Francisco in an effort to raise money for cancer research with the Illini 4000.

Following college, I enrolled at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine where I fell in love with internal medicine and the woman who would become my wife. During my training in Illinois I had four mentors who had trained at the University of Iowa. They all spoke highly of their training and their times at Iowa. When I interviewed at Iowa as a fourth-year medical student, I was amazed at the sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm for learning. I knew immediately after my interview that Iowa would be at the top of my rank list. Fast forward three years and I can say that Iowa has been a dream come true. Not only have I made lifelong friends but I have learned and grown more than I could have ever imagined.

This year I will serve as the Chief Resident in Quality and Patient Safety at the nearby VA Medical Center. It is my goal to improve the quality of care we provide while decreasing the cost. After this year, I plan to pursue a career in medical education and quality improvement. I hope to do this by working as an academic hospitalist at an institution with both medical students and residents.

Struble~RogerRoger Struble, MD

Iowa is a place of warmth, kindness, and positive energy. I knew from my interview day that this was a community that would allow me to thrive as a doctor and as a person. Growing up with seven brothers and sisters in Salina, Kansas, I was the second oldest and made a de facto leader for the entirety of my life. I have cherished the role as a teacher, a role model, and lifelong learner which are the same values that are emphasized here at Iowa. I hope through my time as chief to champion all that is good about this program and our people, leaving behind a legacy for the next set of young doctors.

My journey to Chief Resident started ten years ago as a CNA in the ICU at Salina Regional Health Center. There I realized my dream of becoming a doctor and ingrained my mentality of hard work and altruism. Originally wait-listed from medical school, I then moved to New Orleans to pursue a degree in public health at Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. I learned the importance of social determinants of health, working and volunteering in the NOLA community, and completed some water and sanitation work abroad in Central America. Moving back home to the University of Kansas for medical school, I was able to continue my mission of helping others by volunteering in the free clinic, working with the international outreach program, and performing clinical duties in rural, underserved areas. I was also able to utilize my interest in epidemiology and public health to create some fun clinical research projects, which I have continued to pursue as an internal medicine resident.

Outside of the hospital, I like to spend time with my lovely fiancée, Emily, our dog, Winston, and cat, Ferguson. We enjoy traveling the world, finding adventures, and supporting our local arts. I also try to stay active by running, playing soccer with the local community, and playing in our weekly internal medicine basketball game.

I am excited about the next year as a Chief Resident and look forward to recruiting the next class of accomplished residents. Following this year I plan to pursue a fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

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