ACP Resident Clinical Vignette Competition, 2020

Strange fungi, cardiovascular complications from a mitral valve placement, ascites, kidney failure, seemingly origin-less fevers, and even a debit card swipe in a tissue box. Every year, dozens of residents deliver tight ten-minute reports on some of the most mysterious cases they have witnessed on service in University of Iowa Health Care.

These presentations are a learning opportunity not only for the resident, but for their audience–co-residents and medical students, faculty and judges–as well. Which has always been the point of the American College of Physicians (ACP) Clinical Vignette Competition. The ability to deliver both a recap and a lesson from observed events in their day-to-day work allows for a resident to dive deeply into a particular manifestation and then through the presentation demonstrate a new proficiency.

Panels of judges observed the more than two dozen presentations last week in both the Bean Conference Room and the Medical Alumni Auditorium. These judges often sought clarification or other angles that the resident may have not considered. In most cases, the resident had and could offer a chance to show just how well-versed they had become on the topic.

The afternoon concluded and the judges conferred selecting four finalists who would compete the following Monday for the chance to represent the University of Iowa against two other residency programs in the state at the ACP Chapter meeting at the end of the month.

The Finalists

Elin Beck: A Purpura Puzzle
Mentor: Manish Suneja

Tyler Bullis: Chestp Pain and Dyspnea
Mentor: Barry London

Alicia Kilian: Alterted Behavior and Malaise
Mentor: James Willey

Jared Robl:  A Rheumatic HIT
Mentor: Milena Gebska

Following another tally, results were emailed to the department from Residency Director and Vice Chair for Education Manish Suneja, MD. “All of the presentations were excellent and showcased the best of our residency program,” he said.

After thanking all the mentors, he announced that med-psych resident Kilian was the winner.

Suneja congratulated Chief Residents Nick Arnold, MD, and Amanda Heuszel, MD, for successfully organizing the event. Suneja also thanked this year’s judges:

Dale Abel
Joseph Zabner
Judy Streit
Laurel Lyckholm
Kimberly Staffey
Katherine Harris
Lee Sanders
Jeffrey Wilson
Andrea Weber
Andrew Bryant

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