2021 Research Seminar Series Schedule Announced

The Internal Medicine Research Seminar Series, enters its fifth year providing a unique forum to showcase the broad array of discovery being conducted within the department, as well as invited presenters from across the country. The typical format is comprised of two presenters who will each describe their individual work for 20 minutes and reserve 10 minutes for audience discussion. This, attendees have found over the years, fosters collaboration and new ideas unlike most other department-sponsored research seminars within the college. Our invited speakers will each present for the full hour.

The presentations will take place via Zoom, and the schedule follows below. Zoom links will be sent out a day or two prior to each seminar.

Vice Chair for Research Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD, is the director of this series. Of this year’s lineup, she says:

For this year’s Int Med Research seminar series, I have secured three fantastic outside speakers from different backgrounds and with very different research portfolios.

The first one is Yogen Kanthi, MD, PhD, who is a rising star/comet, a newly recruited Lasker Scholar at NIH’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the Chief, Laboratory of Vascular Thrombosis and Inflammation. He is a trained cardiologist and vascular medicine specialist from Michigan. 

His lab/work made headlines in December when he published a study explaining how COVID leads to an increased risk of thrombosis.  He found that “the virus can unleash mysterious antibodies that mistakenly attack the body’s own cells to cause clots.” This NIH director’s news blog post discusses it in detail here.

Day: Second Tuesday of the month
Time: 1:00-2:00pm

February 9: Yogen Kanthi, NHLBI

March 9: Alejandro Comellas & Christopher Benson

April 13: Ferhaan Ahmad & Michihiko Goto

May 11: Sam Dagogo-Jack, University of Tennessee

June 8: Ryan Boudreau & Marin Schweizer

July 13: Mahmoud Abou Alaiwa & Sanjana Dayal

August 10: Chad Grueter & Richard Hoffman

September 14: Bhagirath Chaurasia & Rebecca Dodd

October 12: Anil Chauhan & Nedim Ince

November 9: Kathryn Moore, New York University

December 14: Michael Eberlein & Loreen Herwaldt

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