Operation: Valentine

The department never stops thinking about how to show our residents what they mean to us. The latest demonstration came in the form of boxed sweets from one of the best local bakeries in town. (This does not constitute an official endorsement of DeLuxe Cakes and Pastries, nor have we been compensated with free pain au chocolat. Psst, DeLuxe, call us!)

At the tail end of noon conference earlier this week, Associate Program Director Krista Johnson, MD, MS, and Chief Resident Roger Struble, MD, announced to the residents that an array of different flavored cookies had been set up for them just behind Medical Alumni Auditorium. Gluten-free options were even available.

After those present had made their selection and even paused for Chief Resident Amanda Heuszel, MD, to grab a pic “for the ‘Gram,” the remaining boxes were loaded up for distribution to residents were working at the VA or at Iowa River Landing that day.

The funds for this particular gift-giving moment did not come from the Wellness and Humanities Committee, which typically sponsors events like this. Instead, donations were made directly from faculty, who took the chance to pool their resources for this tasty demonstration of their appreciation. Thanks to them, to program leadership, and to Abbey Gilbin, associate program administrator, who knows just how to arrange things. Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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