IntMed residents showcase scholarship strength at GME Leadership Symposium

Gerald Wickham, MA, EdD, UI Health Care GME Director for Strategic Educational Initiatives, called the Internal Medicine Residency Program “a powerhouse of educational research and development.” At Friday’s GME Leadership Symposium, that assessment was on full display in the McCord Club Lounge, a press box above Kinnick Stadium. More than 2 dozen posters were accepted for the session, and 13 of those submissions were from Internal Medicine, mostly residents. Those poster titles, their authors, and presenters are listed at the bottom of the post with links to the posters.

During the session, many of the presenters made themselves available to answer questions from the circulating judges.

The relatively informal nature of the session allowed others to let the work speak for itself while they enjoyed the catered lunch and caught up with colleagues and friends.


After the judging hour concluded, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Clinical Professor in General Internal Medicine Mark Wilson, MD, began the formal presentation. Wilson recognized the efforts of everyone who plays a role in recruiting and training residents and fellows, especially those who staff the GME office, providing support to dozens of training programs and hundreds of trainees.

Wilson then moved on to delivering the Excellence in Clinical Coaching Awards, reading comments from nominators explicating the faculty members’ strengths as educators. Two of those awards went to Internal Medicine faculty members Andrea Weber, MD, MME, and Jeffrey Wilson, MD.

After the judging, two of the posters received commendations, netting the department funds for future educational innovations.

“Workplace-based Formative Feedback using an Innovative Application Offering 360-degree Feedback”

“Advancement of a Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents”


Peer-based formative assessment and feedback on residents’ chalk talk teaching skills using an objective structured teaching exercise. Mala Sharma BS, Jennifer Strouse MD, Jane Rowat MS, Lisa Antes MD, Manish Suneja MD, Krista Johnson MD, MME.
Presented by: Krista Johnson

Increasing hepatitis C screening in an outpatient clinic: Pilot data from a resident-led quality improvement project. Ian Kidder MD, Rachel Genova MD, PhD, Dave Dimachkie MD, He Chang MD, Taylor Becker MD, Steven Stone MD, Adil Hassan MD, Todd Wiblin MD, Gwen Beck, MD.
Presented by: Todd Wiblin, Gwen Beck

Improving Hospital Follow-Up in a VA Transitions of Care Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project. Derek Hupp MD; Rachana Amberker MBBS; Paula Streeper PharmD; Shelby Hill RN; Molly McEleney RN; Kelsi Eichorst RN; Kyle Earhart MSA; Kaleb Miller MSA; Jana Parsons; Matthew Soltys MD; Brad Dixon MD; Diana Jalal MD; Krista Johnson MD.
Presented by: Derek Hupp

Assessment of Intern Confidence and Performance on AAMC Entrustable Professional Activities. Yana Zemkova MD, Jennifer Strouse MD, Jane Rowat MS, Manish Suneja MD.
Presented by: Yana Zemkova

Development of a Rapid Response Simulation Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents. Sydney Bowmaster MD, Boulos Nassar MD, MPH, Manish Suneja MD, Jane Rowat MS, Jenny Strouse MD.
Presented by: Sydney Bowmaster

Development of a Point-of-Care Ultrasound Pathway for Internal Medicine Residents. Sydney Bowmaster MD, Yana Zemkova MD, Desmond Barber MD, Justin Smock MD, Charles Rappaport MD, Manish Suneja MD, Jane Rowat MS, Roger Struble MD, MPH, Boulos Nassar MD, MPH.
Presented by: Sydney Bowmaster

Advancement of a Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents. Nick Arnold MD, Vikas Koppurapu MD, Roger Struble MD< MPH, Charles Rappaport MD, Justin Smock MD.
Presented by: Justin Smock

Development of a Distinction in Medical Education within a Tiered Medical Education Curriculum for Residents. Jennifer Strouse MD, Jane Rowat MS, Lisa Antes MD, M. Lee Sanders PhD MD, and Manish Suneja, MD.
Presented by: Jennifer Strouse

Internal medicine teaching for psychiatry residents: pilot year. Lisa Wehr Maves MD, MPH,Ā  Andrea Weber MD, MME, Stephen Brennan MD, Brigid Adviento MD, MPH.
Presented by: Lisa Wehr Maves

Multispecialty Toolkit for Instruction and Assessment of Entrustable Professional Activities. Jane Rowat MS, Kate Thoma MD, Justin Smock MD, Manish Suneja MD.
Presented by: Manish Suneja and Jane Rowat

Improving medical student physical exam skills with mannikin case simulations. Ian Kidder MD, Emily Peters MSN, Lisa M. Antes MD, and M. Lee Sanders PhD, MD.
Presented by: Ian Kidder

Workplace-based Formative Feedback using an Innovative Application Offering 360-degree Feedback. Jane Rowat MS, Girish Mhatre MCS and Manish Suneja MD.
Presented by: Jane Rowat, MS

Developing a web-based ventilator education curriculum. Paul Mester MD, Charles Rappaport MD.
Presented by: Paul Mester

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