Recognizing Teaching Excellence

Learners in the Carver College of Medicine are invited to provide examples of effective teaching at the end of each rotation. Read what our trainees recently had to say about Internal Medicine educators below. Read previous submissions.

Jared Robl, MD, Third Year Resident, Internal Medicine
Submitted by Krista Bergquist

Jared took the time to explain complex topics in a way that was easy to understand all while on a busy inpatient medicine service. He took the time to ask what I wanted to learn and what I already understood. He also gave great feedback and contributed greatly to me becoming a better presenter and better clinical reasoner.

Rachel Anderson, MD, First Year Resident, Internal Medicine
Submitted by Connor Byeman

She was offering to teach us all kinds of basic procedures. Also, she knew how to cater questions to our knowledge level and what information to provide. She was a complete joy to work with.

Charles Meade, MD, Second Year Fellow, Gastroenterology
Submitted by Alaina Berg

  • Taught lessons on high-yield GI and general internal medicine topics despite being on a very busy service
  • Asked what my goals were at the beginning of the rotation
  • Asked several times throughout each day what questions I had and made time to answer them thoroughly and check for understanding
  • Encouraged me to attend interesting procedures and answered questions throughout the procedures

Rachel Genova, MD, PhD, Second Year Resident, Internal Medicine
Submitted by Amanda Chang

  • She encouraged taking more patients to learn more about different disease processes
  • She would walk through various differentials and which tests to order
  • She links physiology to biochemistry, which really helped tie concepts together; she also made important anatomical correlations to explain physiology
  • She always kept the work environment fun!

Bharat Kumar, MD, MME, Clinical Assistant Professor, Rheumatology/Immunology
Submitted by Tyler Crowe

Dr. Kumar is by far the most intentional and effective teacher I have had on the wards. He takes time at the beginning and end of the day to answer questions, find cases or diagnoses to focus learning on, and to review the learning so the information is fully understood and retained. He went out of his way to give me opportunities to see cases that were interesting, or to involve me in procedures I wanted to learn. I learned more in a day with him than I did weeks on other services where I was limited to “shadowing along.”

Bradley Manning, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine
Submitted by Mala Sharma

Dr. Manning was very effective in teaching hospital medicine. I really appreciated that he explicitly stated his expectations from day one. He periodically gave general feedback every couple of days; he also gave smaller bits of feedback in real time which was very useful because it allowed me to incorporate these changes as the rotation went on. I also appreciated that he stuck to teaching board-relevant material because then we focused on material that was appropriate for my level of training.

Christina Charis-Donelseon, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine
Submitted by Mala Sharma

Dr. Donelson was an amazing teacher. She taught me/emphasized how to do everything methodically (e.g., EKGs, CXRs, PEs, DDx). As an M2, she really focused on doing things in order and not so much getting the things right; by setting this expectation, she created a safe learning environment for me to create a good habit that is applicable to all aspects of medicine. She also did an amazing job of role modeling great patient communication/building relationships. I always have trouble with addressing all of the patient’s concerns in a time allotted manner and with every patient interaction, she showed me how to use shared decision making to address as many chief concerns as possible in the allotted time.

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