Gastroenterology Fellowship Graduation, 2022

Members of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology wove their way through the halls of the Hyatt Regency to find the rest of their colleagues and friends ready to celebrate the end of another academic year and four worthy graduates of their Gastroenterology Fellowship. Arriving guests helped themselves to refreshments and caught up with each other’s lives.

After a social hour, Adrian Holm, DO, Program Director of the Gastroenterology Fellowship, welcomed everyone to the dining room as well as those who were watching via the livestream from many different corners of the globe. Holm offered practical advice to the graduating fellows, encouraging them to stay curious, to aim beyond their reach, and to fail smartly so they can never stop improving.

Then it was the fellows’ turn to say a few words of gratitude and light teasing to the faculty and staff that they have relied on throughout their training. Each singled out multiple faculty members for providing patient, compassionate, and creative methodologies that will stick with them long after they have left Iowa. Division Director David Elliott, MD, PhD, then introduced the Robert Summers Memorial Faculty Teacher of the Year Award. In years past, the award winner was unable to attend the event itself and so a surprise was needed a day or two before. But this year, Nadav Sahar, MD, was in attendance, though he did joke, “If I had known I was going to win, I wouldn’t have worn sneakers tonight.”

The formal proceedings ended, and there were a few more final words of thank you from Holm to the guests and to the staff who made the evening possible, Hilary Humphrey and Taryn Owens. Then it was time for a few group photos, including one with just the women on faculty in the division, far outpacing national trends for women representation in the subspecialty.

Congratulations, graduates!

Asad Ali, MBBS – VA Medical Center, Syracuse, New York
Zhibo An, MB – Indiana University
Annie Braseth, MD – Logan Health, Kalispell, Montana
Ellie Brindise, DO – Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship – Duke University

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