Saying farewell to Stacie Vik

After nearly 18 years at the University of Iowa and nearly half of them with the department, Stacie Vik will begin a new career at the University of Wisconsin. As Executive Assistant first to E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, and then to Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD, Vik has helped to maintain continuity in the department.

Earlier this week, friends and co-workers, both from within and outside the department and even some former members, stopped by the Library to let Vik know how much she will be missed.

Grumbach got everyone’s attention and delivered some heartfelt words about the important role Vik has played in the department over the years. She revealed that for as many visible ways Vik supports the Chair, Grumbach was delighted to discover the many unseen tasks that Vik performs both for the Chair and the rest of the administrative team. Grumbach thanked Vik for helping to make her transition into the role of Interim Chair so smooth.

Vik then opened a number of gifts and cards from colleagues, all with a personalized touch. Attendees continued to line up to express their good wishes for Vik’s next chapter and to make sure she knew how much she made their working lives here at Iowa better.

The entire Department of Internal Medicine will miss you greatly, Stacie. Good luck and stay in touch!

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  1. […] Finally, today is the last day of someone I know that I am not alone in saying I will miss a great deal. Stacie Vik has been a reliable figure in the department for many years and was a valuable aide to Dr. Dale Abel when he was Chair. I quickly learned just how essential she was after moving in to this office, as she fielded my ballooning calendar invitations and helped prioritize the requirements of the role. There was no one more essential to making my transition successful and smooth than Stacie, and I will always be grateful for her assistance and for her friendship. I wish her all the best in Madison and know that her new colleagues will soon realize just how lucky they are. As lucky as we were. […]

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