Meet Your Interns, Part 6

We are proud to present the incoming Intern Class of 2022. We wanted to take the opportunity to go a little past the names and faces and learn a couple things about them. We asked them each to tell us about why they chose Internal Medicine at Iowa for their residency. And, now that they have been here a month or so, what they like about living in Iowa City or working at University of Iowa Health Care. We will introduce them a few at a time each week for the next couple months. Welcome to Iowa!

Hebah Abudawaba, MBBS

Hometown: Amman, Jordan

Medical School: Mu’tah University Faculty of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: Biggest hospital in the entire state, and the safest state in the United States, according to Google.

What I like about Iowa City: So many hiking places.

Tristan Bakerink, MD

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Medical school: University of Nevada-Las Vegas

“Why Iowa”: I have lived in Nevada for my entire life, and I was excited to experience something new. I was very interested in University of Iowa’s fellowship match results. I had a very welcoming experience on interview day that finalized my decision to come to Iowa.

What I like about Iowa City: I like taking my dog to the parks that are around my house. I enjoyed fishing at Lake MacBride.

Taryn Nishimura, MD

Hometown: Coralville, Iowa

Medical school: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: During my time as a medical student here, I was able to see firsthand how friendly and supportive the people are and how much resident well-being is emphasized.

What I like about Iowa City: I enjoy getting together with friends to try new restaurants, watch movies at FilmScene, and go to the farmer’s market.

Joe Phillips, MD, MS

Hometown: Royal Oak, Michigan

Medical school: Georgetown University School of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: Of course, like everyone, I first and foremost came for the training. Iowa offers excellent clinical and research education, while at the same time balancing life outside of medicine. However, proximity to family and my love of Hawkeye football certainly played a large part as well.

What I like about Iowa City: I really like being back in the Midwest with so many friendly people. I enjoy the vibrant downtown life Iowa City offers, but I also like being easily able to get out of the city for a quick weekend trip. I am also really looking forward to football season!

Joe Salomone MD, PhD

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Medical school: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

“Why Iowa”: I was looking for a program that offered both excellent clinical training and the opportunity to participate in research. I had a great experience during my interview. Everyone that I met was not only friendly and welcoming but seemed to really love the program.

What I like about Iowa City: I have really enjoyed all of the outdoor activities around Iowa City. So far, I have had the chance to golf and do some fishing in the surrounding area. I am also really impressed with many of the local restaurants and breweries.

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