Meet Our APPs: Emily Rockafellow, ARNP, FNP-C

We are pleased to present the next in our weekly series introducing you to Internal Medicine’s Advanced Practice Providers. In addition to sharing information about where they work in the department, we asked them each to tell us a little bit about their “Why” (the sustaining pull for their work) and what relaxes them. (Read previous weeks’ installments.)

Emily Rockafellow, ARNP, FNP-C
General Internal Medicine

Clinic: General Medicine Primary Care, Iowa River Landing

Years with Internal Medicine: Almost 5

Specialty or service I almost chose instead of this one: I almost chose going back to my roots in inpatient critical care where I worked as a nurse for about 10 years, but decided that there was a lot to be gained doing outpatient primary care and wanted to make an impact there. I am glad with the direction I chose. Plus, we need more providers in primary care, so I am happy to help fill the gap. I have my own panel, see follow-ups for physicians on my team, see some acute visits, and also see living donor candidates as part of their comprehensive evaluation.

One of my favorite moments in this job: I have excellent support from the providers I work with. We enjoy chatting, and generally there is a good camaraderie among the staff. This makes the very busy and sometimes stressful days much better. Sometimes it really is all about who you work with.

What restores me for the work: Time at home with my family and spending time taking my kids to their sports activities. It’s sometimes hectic and busy, but I know I will look back on it and miss this time when my children are grown. I enjoy walking, meeting up with friends for coffee, planting and learning to keep flowers alive (in the past I couldn’t even keep a Marigold going), and warm weather!

Emily sees the big picture and recognizes she can make a difference.  She uses multiple resources to answer patient questions and expand her clinical skills.  I particularly enjoy problem solving with Emily on challenges like patient access during the COVID pandemic and shared care models for older Iowans.  With flexibility and perseverance, she is an example for others on the care team.

– – Christina Charis-Donelson, MD

What patients say about her:

  • Emily Rockafellow has been wonderful at each visit. Covered all needs with pleasant, empathy.
  • Very good experience, Emily listens and shows empathy. She Has followed through with all required documentation. Sending paperwork my employer by Fax further assisting me. Trying to figure out best to assist my healing and personal needs. Emily has a wonderful attitude every visit.
  • She was attentive, responsive,and awsomely helpful!!
  • I think Emily Rockafellow is a wonderful Dr. She always listens and helps with my concerns immediately. Never do I get put off to someone else. I never feel like I’m being blown off with her.
  • PA Rockefellow is through, knowledgeable, and professional. I know I receive thoughtful care and have confidence my condition will improve.
  • She was caring, very professional, sincerely cared.
  • I could not quite believe how much time Emily gave me. She is, as I told her, “my new favorite person.” I rarely feel as comfortable and such rapport in a first visit. Her reassurance “I’ll fit you in” in these times when every health care worker is so stressed was much appreciated.



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