IntMed residents showcase research at GME Leadership Symposium

Last week the Carver College of Medicine’s Office of Graduate Medical Education, which oversees residencies and subspecialty fellowships, hosted its annual Leadership Symposium. Teaching awards were presented following a short presentation. But first a research poster competition was held.

More than two dozen posters were on display, and 15 of those posters were submissions from Internal Medicine residents. Those posters are listed below. Each link will open a more detailed image.

Approach to Symptomatic Inpatient Calls. Mazen Aiche, Jennifer Strouse, Paul Mester, Matthew Soltys
Presented by: Mazen Aiche

Development of a Distinction in Point-of-Care Ultrasound Track for Internal Medicine Residents. Sydney Bowmaster, MD, Justin Smock, MD, Manish Suneja, MD, Charles Rappaport, MD, Yana Zemkova, MD, Desmond Barber, MD, Jane Rowat, MS, Roger Struble, MD, MPH, and Boulos Nassar, MD, MPH
Presented by: Sydney Bowmaster

RRT Bootcamp: Rapid Response Simulation for 4th Year Medical Students. Taylor Cox, MD, Reed Johnson, MD, Matthew Soltys, MD, Andrew Bryant, MD
Presented by: Tyler Cox

Developing Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) curriculum for Rapid Response Team (RRT). Solanus de la Serna, Luke Morrey, Adam Wolfe, Boulos Nassar
Presented by: Solanus de la Serna

Rheumatology and Sports Medicine Case-Based Collaborative
Learning Curriculum for Medical Students. M. Dave Dimachkie MD, Brittany Bettendorf MD, M. Lee Sanders PhD, MD
Presented by: Dave Dimachkie

An internal medicine clinical conference to model application of basic science knowledge in diagnostic reasoning. Rachel Genova MD PhD, Luke Morrey MD, Brian Gehlbach MD, Manish Suneja MD
Presented by: Rachel Genova

Distinction in Health Equity Track for Internal Medicine Residents. Krista Johnson MD, MME; Jeydith Gutierrez MD, MPH; Kathryn Harris MD; Evelyn Ross-Shapiro MD, MPH; Michelle Miller PharmD; Manish Suneja MD
Presented by: Krista Johnson

Take a Breath: Improving 4thYear Medical Students’ Confidence in Evaluating Hypoxia. Reed Johnson, Taylor Cox, Andrew Bryant, and Matthew Soltys
Presented by: Reed Johnson

Preparing for Death: Improving Medical Student Confidence in
Performing the “Duties When Life Ends”. Alexander Paschke, MD; Jennifer Strouse, MD; Yuya Hagiwara, MD; Daniel Miller, MD; Matthew Soltys, MD
Presented by: Alex Paschke

Resident Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Near-Peer Teaching. Sruti Prathivadhi-Bhayankaram, MD; Luke Morrey, MD; Rachel Genova, MD; Reed Johnson, MD; Alex Paschke, MD; Mazen Aiche, MD; Lisa Wehr Maves, MD; Matthew Soltys, MD; Jennifer Strouse, MD
Presented by: Sruti Prathivadhi Bhayankaram

Improving the Transition from UME to GME. Matthew Soltys, MD; Jenny Strouse, MD; Justin Smock, MD, & Manish Suneja, MD
Presented by: Matthew Soltys

Moving Beyond the Teaching Skills Curriculum: Implementation and Outcomes of a Distinction Track in Education. Jennifer Strouse, MD, Jane Rowat, MS, Lisa Antes, MD, M. Lee Sanders, PhD, MD, and Manish Suneja, MD
Presented by: Jennifer Strouse

General Medicine Curriculum for Psychiatry Residents. Lisa Wehr Maves, MD, MPH, Stephen Brennan, MD, Brigid Adviento, MD, Andrea Weber, MD, MMEs
Presented by: Lisa Wehr Maves

PIT: Patient-centered Interprofessional Team rounding. Cory Wilson
Presented by: Cory Wilson

Expanding Naloxone Co-Prescribing at a Regional VA Medical Center. Jeremy Zhang, Patrick Watson, Joe Phillips, Kathie Zhang, Michael Sauer, Sarah Van Dorin, Lauren Zabel, Emily Peters, Yvonne De Sloover Koch, Matthew Soltys
Presented by: Jeremy Zhang

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