Meet Our APPs: Brittany Frerichs, MPAS, PA-C

We are pleased to present the next in our weekly series introducing you to Internal Medicine’s Advanced Practice Providers. In addition to sharing information about where they work in the department, we asked them each to tell us a little bit about their “Why” (the sustaining pull for their work) and what relaxes them. (Read previous weeks’ installments.)

Brittany Frerichs, MPAS, PA-C
General Internal Medicine

Service: General Medicine Hospitalist

Years with Internal Medicine: 4.5 years

Hometown: La Porte City, Iowa

My “Why”: I had the luxury of growing up with great-grandparents around, and while I was too young to help care for them as they aged, it instilled in me a desire to help people. I also grew up playing sports and suffered my fair share of injuries. Receiving care to help me return to activities I loved made me want to help others heal and return to their activities.

What relaxes me: Spending time with my husband and son and being outside

Brittany is an amazing leader in our hospitalist group and leads by example. She cares immensly about the Hospitalist Program and is always working tirelessly to make it the best program possible for her colleagues.

– – Andrew Bryant, MD

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