Meet Our APPs: Mallory Heath, DNP, FNP-C, ARNP, CNRN

We are pleased to present the next in our weekly series introducing you to Internal Medicine’s Advanced Practice Providers. In addition to sharing information about where they work in the department, we asked them each to tell us a little bit about their “Why” (the sustaining pull for their work) and what relaxes them. (Read previous weeks’ installments.)

Mallory Heath, DNP, FNP-C, ARNP, CNRN
General Internal Medicine

Clinic: LGBTQ Clinic

Time with Internal Medicine: 6 months

Specialty or service I almost chose instead of this one: Neurology/Neurosurgery

Favorite moments in this job: Helping patients receive care they’ve waited years for in the LGBTQ clinic.

What restores me for the work: Gardening with my husband and spending time with my family and friends

Mallory hit the ground running when she joined our clinic, filling an essential need for our patients and providers. She has quickly learned how to navigate the wild world of outpatient primary care. She shows great leadership initiative and is a pleasure to work with. Our group is so lucky to have her.

– – Evelyn Ross-Shapiro, MD

Read what patients say about her:

  • She was extremely familiar with my chart and reason for my appointment. She was encouraging, helpful and discussed my diagnosis and listened to my concerns and included me in her decision/plan of care.
  • She listened to all my concerns and helped formulate a plan moving forward.
  • Mallory was awesome, extremely knowledgeable and provided great information that was very helpful to me. I really enjoyed meeting her and was extremely pleased with the care I received. We need more like her.
  • Mallory is awesome!! She is so knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. Takes great care of me!
  • I was so impressed with Mallory Heath that I would like to have her be my primary provider from now on.
  • Mallory Heath was the best thing about my visit. She was very caring and personable and I felt confident in her care and abilities.
  • My provider actually listened, and it made me feel good to be called by my chosen name.
  • This was my first visit with her and she was excellent. If I had a choice of choosing a higher rating than very good, I would.
  • Mallory was great, couldn’t ask for anything better.
  • The doctor was so much better than I could have imagined. She was very nice and respectful, especially when discussing sensitive topics.
  • We LOVED the provider we saw and felt heard, not like a number, but as a person who was genuinely concerned about our health. We finally found someone who made us feel secure in our healthcare choices. It was the best experience yet.

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