2023 Research Day Winners present for Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

In addition to cash prizes, bragging rights, and the respect of their peers, the winners of each Internal Medicine Research Day poster session are invited to deliver a version of their work to the Internal Medicine Grand Rounds a few months later. This week, assembled members of the department got a firsthand glimpse of why these remarkable scientists and their work were selected as the best in their categories.

Current co-chairs of Research Day, Marcelo Correia, MD, MSc, PhD, and Bhagirath Chaurasia, MSc, PhD, welcomed attendees and explained the tradition. Each presenter delivered a brief and concise overview of the work, took questions from the audience, and thanked their colleagues, reminding everyone just how critical collaboration is to successful discovery.


Best Clinical Science Poster
Willingness to Engage in Video Telemedicine for Primary Care, Mental Health, or Specialty Outpatient Visits in the Veterans Health Administration
Amy M. J. O’Shea, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine

Best Basic Science Poster
The TCR landscape is epigenetically calibrated in the thymus and impacts CD8 effector differentiation during acute viral infection
Kara Misel-Wuchter, Graduate Student, Interdisciplinary Programs

Best Trainee Poster
Mitochondrial uncoupling proteins protect human airway epithelial ciliated cells from oxidative damage
Akansha Jain, MSTP Student

Best Poster by a Resident or Fellow
Role of airway surface liquid pH in regulation of V-ATPase in pulmonary ionocytes
Sarah Van Dorin, MD, Third-year Resident, Internal Medicine

A recording of the presentations can be viewed here.

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