Consent for case reports

I was recently prompted to revisit the issue of informed consent for case reports when several authors requested a patient consent form. All clinicians and researchers are aware of the regulations governing identifiable information in any such writings; e.g., name, birth date, MRN, both in text and images. But I took a step back and […]

Canceled conferences and the CV

For those who had presentations accepted at now-canceled conferences this spring (and potentially this summer), there might be some confusion over how to list these on a CV. Do they still “count”? Yes, absolutely. Any poster or podium presentation, invited lecture, round table participation, or other activity planned for a conference can and should still […]

From the Editor: Getting started getting published

I recently spoke at a residents’ noon conference about the basics of manuscript writing. Although residents are encouraged to write and submit papers, it may be a daunting task for those without a lot of writing experience. My goal was to provide tips for writing and organizing a paper, and to help with deciphering some […]

From the Editor: Addressing rigor and reproducibility in NIH grants

As part of the department’s ongoing Research Seminar Series, Christine Blaumueller, PhD, Director of the CCOM Scientific Editing and Research Communication Core, addressed the somewhat puzzling concepts of “rigor and reproducibility” required in NIH grants. Blaumueller and her team are scientists as well as editors who use their considerable experience to interpret guidelines and predict […]

From the Editor: Getting Started

Welcome to your new medical and scientific editing column! As your in-house editor, I’d like to use this space to provide advice and tips about manuscripts and other documents, from the basics to complex issues. For this inaugural column, the first bit of advice I want to share for anyone writing anything, whether a manuscript […]