Tribute to our Hospitalists

When I decided to focus on this topic, top of mind was a desire to talk about the significant contribution of our entire inpatient service to the care of hundreds each day. Our focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and our spectacular response moved me to note the ongoing heavy lift of our faculty and trainees […]

Our responsibility in the present moment

Colleagues: Events of the past week have no doubt produced a variety of emotions in each of us. The video of the events leading to George Floyd’s death shocked many, but reinforced for others their regular experience that inter-racial animus is a present reality for many, with lethal consequences for some. Demonstrations in cities near […]

Honoring and celebrating our learners

Many things feel simultaneously familiar and foreign these days. The middle of May kicks off our annual graduation season, and although we have had to replace processionals across a stage with drive-through diploma pick-ups and celebratory banquets with Zoom links, that strong feeling of pride and excitement for our graduates cannot be suppressed. This year’s […]

Our imperative to address health care disparities

We are data-driven. Although data will provide an accurate picture of a situation, it is empathy that motivates us to act on it. This week, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) began to report demographic breakdowns on which Iowans are being most affected by COVID-19. As has been reported for other parts of the […]

A day in the life . . .

Models are by their nature subject to constant revision. Two weeks ago, we believed we would now be in the peak of demand on University of Iowa Health Care resources as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent well-publicized outbreaks in Iowa and other factors have now pushed our peak to around May 8. That […]

Our department on the front lines

Many models predict that Iowa will see a peak in COVID-19 infections very soon and that peak resource utilization could occur within two to three weeks. The implication of this is that we should expect to see a significant increase in admissions of COVID-19 patients to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. We are […]

Champions in crisis

The past two weeks since my last post have bordered on surreal as we re-deploy our staff, reorganize our clinics, and work to keep our providers and patients safe. I want to take this time to recognize and acknowledge the effort, boundless creativity, and commitment of faculty, staff, and even our community at finding solutions […]

Hal Richerson, MD, 1929–2020

Today, a giant in Internal Medicine was laid to rest at Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City by his immediate family. Hal B. Richerson, MD, was a member of the University of Iowa since 1961, when he joined us for residency and fellowship training in Allergy-Immunology. Although he had brief stints away for further training, including […]

Resilience in times of crisis

Unprecedented events are unfolding and it is difficult to wrap one’s mind completely around the rapidly evolving landscapes being shaped by the current coronavirus pandemic. The potential impact on University of Iowa Health Care is uncertain. However, as I look at how we have responded so far, I feel a tremendous sense of hope. There […]

The Bedside

In a little less than a month, we will kick off the final season of the academic year with Match Day. This represents a meaningful turning point when we start readying our farewells and finalizing plans for the year ahead. We learn where our medical students are headed, how many will be staying at Iowa […]