Heart Failure 360, 10/4/19

Formerly known as “Heart Failure in the Heartland,” organizers rebranded their eleventh annual heart failure symposium in name only, now calling it “Heart Failure 360.” The focus has remained the same, offering attendees a full view of the state of diagnosis, therapeutics, and devices surrounding heart failure and its intersections with other conditions. In addition […]

Heart Failure in the Heartland, 10/12/18

The last couple weeks provided a wealth of proof that University of Iowa Health Care is the leading provider of cardiac care in the state and region. First came the story that Iowa continues to lead in repair of leaky valves with its use of the new MitraClip. One of our interventional cardiologists, Dr. Sidakal […]

Heart Failure in the Heartland, 10/12 & 13

The full name for this year was the 9th Annual Heart Failure in the Heartland: Healing Hearts, Changing Lives Symposium, and just as with last year’s symposium, organizers represented as diverse a coalition as the event’s attendees. Faculty from four different departments within the Carver College of Medicine and the University of Iowa Hospitals and […]

Heart Failure in the Heartland Symposium Highlights, 10/13-14, 2016

Two days is barely enough to cover a fraction of the facets surrounding one of the world’s leading causes of death. The University of Iowa’s Heart and Vascular Center, together with the Department of Internal Medicine, hosted its eighth annual gathering to address as much as they could. This was the second year that it […]