Heart Failure in the Heartland, 10/12/18

The last couple weeks provided a wealth of proof that University of Iowa Health Care is the leading provider of cardiac care in the state and region. First came the story that Iowa continues to lead in repair of leaky valves with its use of the new MitraClip. One of our interventional cardiologists, Dr. Sidakal Panaich, was one of the providers interviewed for a story about the collaboration with thoracic surgeons to implant these devices without traditional surgery. The team has already installed this most recent version of the MitraClip five times since its federal approval last summer.

This news was quickly followed by the results of the Joint Commission’s evaluation of the UI’s Heart and Vascular Center (HVC) ventricular assist device (VAD) therapy program. The HVC’s program earned their Gold Seal of Approval, a certification that indicates compliance with national standards for high-quality care and safety. And on a more local level, the HVC’s medical director, Dr. Phillip Horwitz, received the Excellence in Our Workplace Award, a 2018 University of Iowa Physicians Clinical Awards, for his leadership of the center.

Most of the attendees at the 10th annual Heart Failure in the Heartland symposium may have been unaware of these recent achievements. But after that day’s lineup of speakers and presentations, they could have easily reached the same conclusion. The day began with presentations from Alexandros Briasoulis, MD, PhD, FAC, giving a synopsis of heart failure, complete with its biomarkers and pathophysiology. He was followed by Laura Halder, PharmD, BCPS, who provided an update on direct oral anticoagulant use. Mahi Ashwath, MD, and Paulino Alvarez, MD, each presented a number of cardiomyopathy and heart failure cases with guidance on tailoring treatment.

They were followed by a keynote from Paolo Colombo, MD, FACC, the Sudhir Choudhrie Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Center for Advanced Cardiac Care at Columbia University and New York–Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Dr. Colombo gave a “state of the union” with an overview of heart failure’s social reach and cost in addition to our current understanding of its treatment and what the future holds. After, Dr. Colombo joined Drs. Ashwath, Briasoulis, and Halder for a panel, taking questions from moderator Jay Bhama, MD, as well as from the audience.

After lunch, Carol Johnson, RN, MSN, discussed the use of VADs. Linda Cadaret, MD, described new means of assessing and treating pulmonary hypertension. Troy Rhodes, MD, Phd, and Sharon Beth Larson, DO, MS, FACOS, each tackled some of the mechanical interventions available and when and how they should be used. Dr. Panaich detailed the variety of transcatheter aortic valve replacements, including the new MitraClip, that are available within the HVC and under which conditions each should be considered. The day closed out with a second panel, open to attendee questions.

It is fair to say that the planners and presenters at this symposium generate more than enough activity throughout the year to continue for another ten years and then some more.

Planning Committee
Paulino Alvarez, MD, Symposium Co-Chair
Jennifer Becker, ARNP, DNP
Jay K. Bhama, MD, Symposium Co-Chair
Amy Black, Administrative Specialist
Alexandros Briasoulis, MD, PhD, FAC, Symposium Co-Chair
Suzanne Hennings, ARNP, MSN, Symposium Co-Chair
Traci Stewart, RN, MSN



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