Rieth guides Cancers pub, models Iowa-style mentoring

Novel treatments for melanoma over the past decade have dramatically enhanced survival. Immune checkpoint inhibitors and BRAF/MEK inhibitors have both demonstrated significant improvements in melanoma patient outcomes as demonstrated by many clinical trials. Unfortunately, patients who develop brain metastases still carry a grim prognosis, with a median overall survival of fewer than 6 months. Additionally, there is relatively […]

Strong mentoring nets Rytlewski pair of pubs, career guidance

With a median overall survival rate of one year, metastatic sarcomas pose a substantial threat to patient wellbeing. Although current treatment plans include traditional therapies, such as radiation and chemotherapy, sarcomas’ multiple subtypes require more specific treatment. Third-year resident Jeff Rytlewski, MD, is first author on two articles reviewing the barriers and prospects of sarcoma therapies. […]

The fruits of mentorship

What a month for seeing the fruits of strong mentorship. Once you start to look around for it, the examples are everywhere to be found. Regular readers of these posts know how deeply I value strong and effective mentoring and, more important, how fundamental I believe it is to shaping the future of our department. […]

Abel receives Sarnoff mentoring award

E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, Chair and DEO of the Department of Internal Medicine, received the Dr. Arnold Katz Achievement Award at the Sarnoff 39th Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston earlier this month. According to the Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation, the award is given to a Sarnoff Foundation member who practices excellent mentorship while encouraging […]

Herwaldt Honored with UIPDA Mentor Award

Dr. Loreen Herwaldt has received the University of Iowa Graduate College’s Outstanding Faculty Postdoctoral Mentor Award. This inaugural award, selected by the UI Postdoc Association, recognizes a UI faculty member serving as an effective mentor and advocate, contributing to personal and professional growth by providing intellectual leadership and by fostering creative and independent thinking. “It […]