Abel receives Sarnoff mentoring award

E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, Chair and DEO of the Department of Internal Medicine, received the Dr. Arnold Katz Achievement Award at the Sarnoff 39th Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston earlier this month. According to the Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation, the award is given to a Sarnoff Foundation member who practices excellent mentorship while encouraging the development of science.

Abel, who has formally mentored scores of post-doctoral and graduate students and uncountable more informally, has been previously recognized for his excellence in mentoring. He received the Distinguished Mentor Award from the Iowa Center for Undergraduate Research at the University of Iowa and a similar awards from the University of Utah. In 2017, Abel was awarded the first NMRI Medallion from the National Institute of Diabetes Digestive and Kidney Disorders for aiding the organization in creating a more inclusive, educational network.

Postdoc AJ Hinton, Jr, PhD, has been a member of Abel’s lab for a few years. A recipient of mentoring awards himself, Hinton considers Abel’s methods and focus on mentoring to be a model. Recently he said, The way that Dr. Abel mentors us is based on personality. He mentors me differently than he mentors others because each of us has different skill sets, different personalities, and different tools to answer different questions.”

The Sarnoff award is named in honor of Dr. Arnold (“Arnie”) Katz, one of the first members of the Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation, and it is designed to encourage the mentorship of the next generation of researchers. This is the fourth time the award has been given.

The Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation seeks to develop medical students throughout their careers into the next generation of leaders in cardiovascular innovation, research, and medicine by providing mentored research experience and lifelong community. Its fellowship program is one of the nation’s most prestigious.

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