Celebrating the Alpert Prize

Michael Welsh, MD, described the day in 1990 he went to then-Chair of Internal Medicine Dr. Frank Abboud to ask for a sabbatical. “He said, ‘OK, when are you gonna go?’ I said, ‘Next week.’” After Dr. Abboud absorbed that, he asked Dr. Welsh where he was going. “And I said, ‘Nowhere, I’m going into […]

PBI Convergence Grant Awarded to CF Researchers

A major component of research in the Pappajohn Biomedical Institute (PBI) is to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and to expose researchers to new ways of looking at problems. This spirit is built into the architecture and layout of each floor of laboratories in the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building, which can find basic scientists working alongside computer […]

Milestones and Innovation

This time of year is significant as we welcome new trainees and faculty. Because so many begin their time with us in July each year, many also celebrate milestones this month. Of particular note are four faculty members who have dedicated their careers to the Department, the College, and the University. Dr. François Abboud marks […]

In Remembrance of Dr. John Hoak

Late last April, Dr. John C. Hoak, a monumental figure in this Department’s history, passed away. We hope you will read about his achievements here.  One of his students, now Director of the Pappajohn Biomedical Institute, Dr. Michael Welsh, offered the following remembrance of Dr. Hoak last weekend. Memory of Dr. Jack Hoak, MD I […]

Research Innovations: CF Mice and Biobanking Consent

We are now nearly a month into the new semester and well into the second month of this new year. I hope that new routines or new resolutions are settling into comfortable habits for you. In my previous post, I promised to discuss interesting advances in research, and I am pleased to highlight a groundbreaking […]

A cystic fibrosis mystery solved (IowaNow)

New research from the University of Iowa answers a question that has vexed cystic fibrosis (CF) researchers for almost 25 years: Why don’t mice with CF gene mutations develop the life-threatening lung disease that affects most people with CF? The research team, led by Michael Welsh, discovered an answer to this long-standing scientific puzzle, and […]