7th Annual Quality and Safety Symposium – 11/20-21/19

For seven years now, multiple units within University of Iowa Health Care have supported a yearly celebration and presentation of its culture of patient safety and quality improvement into a day-long symposium. In recent years, Quality and Safety Symposium (QSS) organizers have worked to reach beyond the borders of the hospital toward other colleges at […]

7th Annual Quality and Safety Symposium – Poster Session

The poster session is a linchpin component of every Quality and Safety Symposium, unique among most at the University of Iowa because organizers welcome works in progress. The spirit of collaboration is threaded throughout the rest of the conference and there is no reason that by presenting one’s work to a group of like-minded peers, […]

First day of QSS to focus on harm reduction

To kick off the Seventh Annual Quality and Safety Symposium (QSS), Daniel Runde, MD, MME, clinical associate professor of Emergency Medicine, and rising fourth-year medical student Sarah Ziegenhorn will discuss issues surrounding providing care to people with addictions. Runde and Ziegenhorn are the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director and Founder, […]

Marx to keynote Quality and Safety Symposium on “Just Culture”

With the 7th Annual Quality and Safety Symposium (QSS) just four months away, David Marx, CEO of Outcome Engenuity, a risk management agency, has been confirmed as a speaker for one of the two keynotes. As the author of the NIH publication “Patient Safety and the ‘Just Culture’: A Primer for Healthcare Executives,” Marx helps apply […]

6th Annual Quality and Safety Symposium, 11/15/18

“Facts provide us with knowledge. Stories provide us with wisdom.” Sorrel King, mother of Josie and founder of the Josie King Foundation, shared her story with the attendees of the 6th Annual Quality and Safety Symposium. The presentation began with the gripping story of the medical error that resulted in the death of her young […]

Quality and Safety Symposium 2018, Poster Session

Posters from multiple colleges across the University of Iowa, from both sides of the river, were represented at this year’s session. More than 60 posters documenting a wide variety of activities from better handoffs to managing pharmaceuticals more safely and efficiently were on display. As with years past, the session encourages works in progress to […]

Quality and Safety Symposium finalizes its agenda

Mike Brownlee, PharmD, MS, FASHP, co-chair of the Quality and Safety Symposium (QSS), thinks this year should help break down the notion that the day-long conference is just for certain people. “Quality is an interprofessional effort. All of us working together,” he said, “is how we achieve great things for patients.” Because we all have […]

Patient Advocate to Keynote Quality & Safety Symposium

As planning continues for this fall’s Quality & Safety Symposium, organizers have confirmed the sixth annual event’s keynote speaker, Sorrel King. Ms. King came to national attention as a patient safety advocate following the 2001 death of her daughter Josie. Her establishment of the Josie King Foundation with her husband opened a new conversation between […]

Highlights from the 5th Annual Quality and Safety Symposium, 10/26/17

After the poster session the evening before, attendees were primed for a full day of engaging topics from experts. The day began with a welcome from Dean of the Carver College of Medicine and Vice President for Medical Affairs Dr. Jean Robillard. Organizers Drs. Krista Johnson and Mike Brownlee gave a brief history of the […]

Quality and Safety Symposium, Poster Session

Two things make the poster session at the Quality and Safety Symposium special compared to other research showcases. First is its encouragement of works in progress. Discussions around quality improvement or other safety-related projects can often turn a good idea into a great one and even foster collaborations among otherwise discrete research areas. Which leads […]