Highlights from the 5th Annual Quality and Safety Symposium, 10/26/17

After the poster session the evening before, attendees were primed for a full day of engaging topics from experts. The day began with a welcome from Dean of the Carver College of Medicine and Vice President for Medical Affairs Dr. Jean Robillard. Organizers Drs. Krista Johnson and Mike Brownlee gave a brief history of the symposium and explained how the day would proceed.

The first speaker of the day offered the audience of mostly health care providers the perspective of a parent. Alisha Loy listed her credentials as “Patient, Mom, BS, CRCST” as she shared the moving story of her child’s journey through the health care system as a means to encourage greater involvement of the patient and family in decisions. R. Erik Edens, MD, PhD, shared just a few of the many patient safety considerations that were incorporated into the design of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Dr. Maia Hightower, Chief Medical Information Officer, offered a re-vision for leadership in the digital era of health care. Angie Hoth, PharmD, MPH, gave a brief overview of how telemedicine has been employed to deliver pre-exposure prophylaxis medications to individuals at risk of contracting HIV. Azeez Butali, DDS, PhD, detailed an inspiring new mobile application for Nigerian mothers and how it has begun reducing child mortality rates in the country. (post continued after the slideshow)

After the morning full-group presentations, attendees divided up into smaller breakout sessions. Dilek Ince, MD, and Bradley Ford, MD, PhD, used the example of their antimicrobial stewardship guide for how to move an idea into a product. Ethan Kuperman, MD, MSc; Jeydith Gutierrez Perez, MD; Kristin Goedken, MBA; and Evelyn Perry, MHA, led a group through hands-on experience with tools used in the Virtual Hospitalist Program. Justin Smock, MD, and Carly Kuehn, MD, described their approach to revising handoffs and teaching it to students and trainees. Anureet Walia, MD, and Eva Coulson, PharmD, gave an overview of the current state of the opioid crisis. Jeff Vande Berg, MS, walked his workshop through the creation of a process improvement map. Jennifer McDanel, PhD, MS, and Lynnette Kenne, BSN, MSN, outlined the steps and pitfalls in tackling a new process improvement project. (post continued after the slideshow)

Workshops concluded, the attendees returned to the Medical Alumni Auditorium for lunch and to hear from Wendy Fiordellisi, MD, which posters had won in the previous evening’s judging. Some awardees were on hand to receive the audience’s applause. The full list of winners is available here.

Dr. Hightower then introduced the symposium’s keynote speaker, David Bates, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Bates explained to a packed house the possibilities for health care and the risks and limitations posed by the aggregation of previously unimaginable amounts of information. (post continued after the slideshow)

The afternoon began with a presentation from Ken Nepple, MD, FACS, on incorporating informatics into improvement efforts. This was followed by a panel discussion on a different side to patient safety, ensuring the provider‘s safety when patients or families become disruptive. Security expert Doug Vance; Vicki Kijewski, MD; Dana Cook, MSN, RN-BC; Wendy Hochreiter, MNS, RN, CNL; and Lance Clemsen, MS, LISW, each provided their perspective on de-escalating or even preventing dangerous situations. Tom Collins, MD, MCHDS, FACS, and LouAnn Montgomery, PhD, RN-BC, presented plans for the new Simulation Education center to be built at UIHC. (post continued after the slideshow)

As a last innovation of the day, Dr. Fiordellisi then introduced four presentations pulled from the submissions made to the poster session. Though one also turned out to be an award-winner, these presenters were chosen by a committee of reviewers because of their diversity of topics and for audience interest. It would be surprising if this new part of the day’s schedule did not become a tradition. Presentations came from Brian Hoff, PharmD, BCPS; Eric Epping, MD, PhD; Emily Neddermeyer, PharmD; and Jeydith Gutierrez Perez, MD. (post continued after the slideshow)

Congratulations to the planning committee of this year’s Quality and Safety Symposium!

Planning Committee
Krista Johnson, Co-director
Mike Brownlee, Co-director
Wendy Fiordellisi, Poster Session Organizer
Mike Edmond
Mony Fraer
Renee Gould
Amanda Grippen Goddard
Melinda Johnson
Mike Kanellis
Carly Kuehn
Ethan Kuperman
Dan Livorsi
Jennifer McDanel
Rashmi Mueller
Ken Nepple
Joe Szot
Jeff Vande Berg

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