30th Annual Iowa Rheumatology Symposium, 5/31/19

For three decades the University of Iowa has offered area clinicians access to the most cutting-edge research and therapeutics in rheumatology. As he has for many years, Petar Lenert, MD, PhD, continues to serve as a member of the planning committee and emcee for the day, greeting former fellows and long-time colleagues to the day-long […]

Highlights from the 28th Annual Iowa Rheumatology Symposium

This year’s Iowa Rheumatology Symposium held on May 19 offered updates on treatments and deeper analyses of perplexing conditions, fresh perspectives on common ones, and case studies of recent clinical discoveries. As always the day also offered plenty of opportunity for more than 60 attendees to interact with new contacts or reminisce with old ones. […]

Highlights from the 27th Annual Rheumatology Symposium

Bringing together more than 60 healthcare professionals at the Sheraton Hotel in Iowa City, the Division of Immunology/Allergy and Rheumatology hosted a day-long series of lectures, case presentations, and clinical updates on cutting-edge issues in the field. Physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and other arthritis-related health professionals came from as far away as St. Louis to […]