53rd Annual Internal Medicine Research Day, 10/15/19

Since the tradition began in the early 1960s, Research Day has seen a variety of formats. But what has always been at its core was the celebration of the diversity and depth of the work being done by a panoply of trainees, clinicians, and basic scientists. Better understanding a disease mechanism or testing a new […]

Iowa researchers identify commonalities among effective rapid response teams

Rapid response teams (RRTs) are highly specialized hospital emergency teams that treat patients who develop a sudden worsening of their clinical condition, which if not treated can be life-threatening. However, prior studies of the effectiveness of RRTs have shown varied results, leading some to suggest these teams are irrelevant, while others have argued they are […]

Khera and Girotra Find Connection Between Epinephrine Delivery and Outcomes

Dr. Rohan Khera is going to need to practice his autograph. With a recent publication in Circulation, the recent graduate of our residency program and current Cardiology fellow at UT-Southwestern is again in the mainstream press. This time Dr. Khera appears on KERA News, a North Texas public radio program, to discuss this article’s findings. […]