Khera and Girotra Find Connection Between Epinephrine Delivery and Outcomes

kheragirotraDr. Rohan Khera is going to need to practice his autograph. With a recent publication in Circulation, the recent graduate of our residency program and current Cardiology fellow at UT-Southwestern is again in the mainstream press. This time Dr. Khera appears on KERA News, a North Texas public radio program, to discuss this article’s findings.

Dr. Khera’s study—produced with Dr. Saket Girotra, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, and others—finds significant variation in the amount of time before epinephrine is delivered to patients suffering cardiac arrest and, more important, a correlation between survival rate and that duration. After examining more than 100,000 cases, their observational study finds that a faster delivery of adrenaline could mean as much as a 20 percent increase in survival rate. This creates a potential opportunity for training providers and developing better team mechanics in order to be prepared for the next cardiac event. Congratulations on the publication and the press!

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