Advancing the Careers of Women in Medicine – some progress but much more to do

This month, our institution is celebrating September as Women in Medicine month by highlighting the contributions of women to varied missions in the Carver College of Medicine. The question of gender equity is one that has generated many conversations not only within our walls but across many sectors of our society. Many organizations have been […]

Moving in the Right Direction

The American Medical Association has designated September as “Women in Medicine Month,” We are proud to recognize the important contribution of women to the fabric of our department, from trainees to faculty and senior leaders. Last year, I opined on many of the ways that our department works to create a level playing field for […]

Women in Internal Medicine

Each year, the American Medical Association’s Women’s Physician Section designates September as “Women in Medicine Month.” A clear-eyed scan of the accompanying hashtag on social media outlets quickly reveals the essential contributions that women have made historically and continue to make in all fields of medicine. Dig a little deeper and the stories being shared […]