Clinical leaders, clinical excellence

Providing superior healthcare to the people of Iowa and our global community is an important part of our mission. We want to be—and we are—the place people turn to when they are desperate for help for their health problems. There is so much more to providing the best clinical care than just seeing patients. And […]

Priming the pipeline

I have mentioned before that one of my top priorities is to attract and grow diverse talent for discovery in outstanding clinical care, for shared discovery in research, and for education. As part of my role, I get to interact with Chairs of Internal Medicine at other institutions and hear their perspectives and experiences. It […]

The humans of Human Resources

Earlier this year I took the time to recognize and thank our department’s administrative personnel, from the department- and division-level administrators who ensure our academic missions are supported to the research administration team members who guide our researchers through the challenging wilderness of reports and resourcing that come with running a laboratory. They are all […]

Research done right

Medical research is as valued a mission as clinical care and education in our department. Our decades-long record of successes and our national and international reputation for discovery in several areas speaks to the priority we give to research. Our PhD faculty members in Internal Medicine have done a terrific job in this regard. The […]

Building and re-building community

The rare, destructive elements of Iowa springs notwithstanding, it feels good to see winter receding in our rearview mirrors. For many of us, warmer weather can expand our imagination and our capacity to navigate challenges. Even if it is just an after-work event. More light in the day decreases our impulse to hibernate and makes […]

Education, our motivating force

I cannot speak for all physicians, but I think that no matter how many years it has been, it is easy to be reminded of the equal measures of excitement and nervousness that came with our own Match Day. Before most of us even finish medical school, we are already putting our hopes into that […]

Strategic action

“I like the work I do.” (90%–faculty) “The person I report to treats me with respect.” (86%–faculty) “This organization provides high-quality care and service.” (83%–all) “This organization values employees from different backgrounds.” (82%–all) These are statements that an overwhelming majority of department respondents agreed were true. Ninety percent of faculty agreed with that first statement, […]

Collaboration is easy at Iowa

The northeast corner of neighboring Coralville is home to the UI’s Oakdale campus and now our Health Care Services Support Building. But it was also once the site of our tuberculosis wards, among some other, less publicized but critical functions of the Carver College of Medicine and UI Health Care, particularly of its research arm. […]

Achievements and challenges

The University of Iowa and our department are recognized as experts in a sizable list of diseases and conditions. We have a reputation for understanding and treating diabetes, cystic fibrosis, acute kidney injury, a host of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular complications, just to name a few. We are national leaders in outcomes for lung and kidney […]

Recognizing, and thanking, our administrators

A common stereotype heard when discussing academic medicine or even academia in general is that there are far too many administrators. The attitude says they don’t understand what it really takes to practice medicine effectively and efficiently or that they are only interested in profit. I think we all know that this is a largely […]