Dare to Look Up

Dare_2-10-16Last month some new banners appeared around Iowa City as part of an initiative by the Office of Research and Development at the University of Iowa. The banners feature faces of members of our UI community from writers like Marilynne Robinson to astronomers like Cornelia Lang.

Two members of the Department of Internal Medicine have also been featured for their creativity and boldness. Dr. Dale Abel’s banner hangs  on Dubuque Street just outside Prairie Lights Bookstore. And Dr. Colleen Campbell’s banner (above) has a nice view of the Iowa River with the nearly complete Hancher Auditorium just behind.

Check out all the profiles at the Dare To homepage to find out what each of our colleagues are “daring to” achieve.


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  1. […] Since 2016, the University of Iowa’s Office of the Vice President for Research has sponsored a banner campaign around downtown Iowa City to feature researchers whose ideas are already making an impact on the world. The Dare to Discover campaign has at times focused solely on faculty members, undergraduates, or like this year, a mix of learners at every level, from postdoctoral fellows to graduate students to undergrads. […]

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