Dare to Discover, 2023

Since 2016, the University of Iowa’s Office of the Vice President for Research has sponsored a banner campaign around downtown Iowa City to feature researchers whose ideas are already making an impact on the world. The Dare to Discover campaign has at times focused solely on faculty members or undergraduates, but more recently, like this year, they present a mix of learners at every level, from postdoctoral fellows to graduate students to undergrads.

Each year since, the Department of Internal Medicine has been represented in some way on at least one or two banners. This year, we are proud to count 6 of the 70 rising stars in this year’s banner campaign as connected to our department.

Hope Fury, Undergraduate student, biomedical sciences
Improves bone marrow transplants

Faculty mentor/advisor:  Nedim Ince, MD, clinical associate professor, internal medicine-gastroenterology and hepatology, Carver College of Medicine

Hope lives and breathes research. She is also an ICRU (Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates) Ambassador, has served as the president of UIBIO (University of Iowa Biological Interests Organization), and has created and hosted multiple events to get students interested in or involved with research.

– Melinda Licht, program coordinator, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates

Sunny Huang, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow, neuroscience and pharmacology
Develops safer cancer treatments

Faculty mentor/advisor: PhD mentors: Val Sheffield, MD, PhD, professor, pediatrics-medical genetics and genomics; and Dale Abel, MD, PhD, former chair and departmental executive officer, internal medicine; Postdoc mentors: Calvin Carter, PhD, assistant professor, neuroscience and pharmacology; and Douglas Spitz, PhD, professor, radiation oncology.

Dr. Huang is a clinician scientist who is developing the next generation of breakthrough medical technologies to cure cancer. She is pursuing a highly innovative and creative strategy to kill cancer without harming healthy tissue.

– Val Sheffield, professor, pediatrics-medical genetics and genomics

Delia Mozqueda, Undergraduate student, neuroscience
Tests cognition in cancer patients

Faculty mentor/advisor: Kanchna Ramchandran, PhD, associate research scientist, internal medicine-hematology, oncology, and blood & marrow transplantation

In my career I have mentored more than 20 undergraduate students in research, and Delia falls in the top 2% in attitude, conscientiousness in work ethic, team engagement, and attention to detail (this last a rare quality in young students). Delia is exceptionally hardworking and intellectually independent with a strong capacity for analytical thinking.

– Kanchna Ramchandran, associate research scientist, internal medicine-hematology, oncology, and blood & marrow transplantation

Ginny Nuckols, PhD student, health and human physiology
Protects brain health after preeclampsia

Faculty mentor/advisor: Gary Pierce, PhD, professor and departmental executive officer, health and human physiology; professor, internal medicine

Ms. Nuckols is simply outstanding and has published 3 peer-reviewed articles in high-impact journals…She is the consummate team player in the lab, an excellent mentor and role model to undergraduate and graduate students, and a joy to work with.

– Gary Pierce, professor, health and human physiology

Jurnie Rosius, Undergraduate student, human physiology
Addresses aftermath of cancer treatment

Faculty mentor/advisor: Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD, professor, interim chair and departmental executive officer, internal medicine-cardiovascular medicine

Jurnie is a wonderful scientist in the making. She has the unapologetic curiosity and creativity we need in the next generation of scientists and health professionals. She is dedicated to the research, always eager to learn new things, and never hesitates to help out her coworkers when needed.

– Michelle Tamplin, postdoctoral research scholar

Emma Treco, Undergraduate student, microbiology
Deciphers immune signaling

Faculty mentor/advisor: Gail Bishop, PhD, professor, microbiology and immunology; professor, internal medicine, Carver College of Medicine

Emma is truly a superstar in the lab, she excelled in everything she did and was able to work independently most of the summer, while remaining an excellent team player. Every facet of her performance in my lab reflected her wholehearted dedication to the process. Emma is exactly the type of student who will excel as a physician scientist—bright, thoughtful, and motivated.

– Kelly Messingham, research professor, dermatology


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