IntMed Adjunct’s Startup Gets National Recognition

Our institution continues to serve as fertile soil for exciting and cutting-edge ideas. Dr. Frances Johnson, Adjunct Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, and Dr. Michael Schultz, Associate Professor of Radiology, will travel to Washington, D.C., to introduce their company Viewpoint Molecular Targeting on “Demo Day” at the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer. Their company was one of 35 out of more than 200 to be awarded Best University Startup of the year. They will present at the U.S. Capitol and have an opportunity to meet with Congressional representatives to discuss their innovative ideas.

Viewpoint develops pharmaceuticals used in diagnostic imaging and radiation therapies, focusing first on metastatic melanoma. Their image-guided therapies use state-of-the-art molecular imaging allowing for greater precision in targeting melanoma cells. Viewpoint is located in the UI BioVentures Center and secured more than $1.2m in public and private funding. We are excited to watch as this company safely advances toward its clinical trials. Congratulations, and best of luck in D.C. next week!


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