Dare to Look Up (again)

PerencevichLookUp_4-12-17Last year, the Office of Research and Economic Development produced a series of banners hung around Iowa City featuring the broad range of breakthrough and norm-challenging work happening at the University of Iowa. Two members of Internal Medicine were featured in that project.

A fresh crop of banners has again been produced, one of which features Dr. Eli Perencevich, Associate Chair for Clinical and Health Services Research and Professor of Internal Medicine and Epidemiology. Dr. Perencevich’s work fighting and preventing hospital-acquired infections and his promotion of antimicrobial stewardship are critical both from a public health perspective as well as an economic one. It is natural that his position among the international vanguard in these efforts be promoted alongside some of the very best researchers at this institution. Congratulations on this recognition!

To read more about the work of the other featured researchers, scholars, and artists included in the banner campaign, visit the ORED site here.

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