Highlights from the 19th Annual Update in Infectious Diseases

Zika, infections in geriatric patients, HIV treatments, Iowa outbreaks. All of these topics and more were on the table at Friday’s day-long conference sponsored by the Division of Infectious Diseases. A wide variety of specialists from around the country and this institution were invited by conference organizers. The day began by demonstrating that antibiotic stewardship requires a multidisciplinary approach in the clinic with presentations from Dr. Dan Livorsi, ophthalmologist Dr. Deborah Betsworth, and pharmacist Dr. Brian Hoff. Dermatologist Dr. Karolyn Wanat discussed systemic diseases found in skin and how to recognize various manifestations to guide treatment. Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, state epidemiologist for the Iowa Department of Public Health, closed out the morning with data on infectious threats that exist in the state.

After lunch, attendees got to choose three times from three different workshop sets on offer. First,Dr. Daniel Fulton from Ames, Iowa, discussed PICC line risks; pediatrician Dr. Nathan Price covered bone and joint infections in children; and Dr. Eiyu Matsumoto gauged his audience’s understanding of diagnosis and treatment of infectious diarrhea. The next round of workshops found Dr. Michael Ohl offering updates in HIV treatment; Dr. Dilek Ince discussing biologic agents; and Dr. Thomas Moore of the University of Kanas providing updates on emerging antibiotics. Finally, Dr. Judy Streit covered international infections travelers might beware; Dr. Margo Schilling assessed antibiotic abuse in long-term care facilities; and Dr. Ambar Haleem from the University of Wisconsin discussed diabetic foot infections. The day then closed out with a series of case studies presented by a panel of presenters from throughout the day.

For nearly twenty years, this conference has provided regional and area providers of all kinds a chance to learn and to connect with other specialists in the field in the fight against a variety of infectious diseases encountered in the Midwest. This year’s was no exception. Congratulations to Drs. Dan Diekema, Ben Apenheimer, Jason Barker, Dilek Ince, and Judy Streit on a successful event.

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