Pulmonary-Critical Care Fellows Graduation Event, 2017

Each division values its fellows and the pleasure of each other’s company, and this was no less true of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine on Saturday night. Members, colleagues, friends, and family came together at Hancher Auditorium to celebrate the achievements of the division’s four graduating fellows.

The location was slightly more formal than last year’s but offered views that were no less striking. A string quartet helped fill the space during a cocktail hour as guests mingled. Eventually, they took their seats as Division Director Dr. Joe Zabner welcomed everyone and gave a recap of some of the year’s successes, events, and awards, including the Theilen Award by Fellowship Director Dr. Jeff Wilson.

Dr. Wilson then described the aims of the fellowship program and the achievements of the last year, pointing to the road ahead. As he announced next year’s co-Chief Fellows, who will replace this year’s graduating Dr. Heidi Erickson, Dr. Wilson joked, “Naturally, it will take two men to replace one woman.” He then followed with a game of “Better Know a Fellow,” revealing facts like Dr. Erickson’s fishing prowess, Dr. Michael Hoffman’s brush with Olympic greatness, or Dr. Alejandro Pezzulo’s love for heavy metal music. Dr. Wilson then spoke briefly about how fortunate he felt to work with each of these fellows as he detailed their talents, their growth, and his surety in their future success.

After individual recognitions and a nice meal, graduating fellow Dr. Samantha Danielson showcased her talents on the marimba for the audience. She played two lovely songs as the sun began to touch the tops of the trees behind her.

Then all the fellows themselves had a chance to offer their own reminiscences and some good-natured “facts” about faculty in a funny slideshow. Through the laughter, their gratitude for the mentorship, advice, and support of the division and its members shone through.

Congratulations to this year’s class of graduating fellows and best of luck to them all in their next steps.

Samantha Danielson, MD
Heidi Erickson, MD
Michael Hoffman, MD, PhD
Alejandro Pezzulo, MD

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