Highlights from Progress, 10/5 & 6, 2017

For two days, health care providers of all stripes from around the state and region met in downtown Iowa City for a tradition that stretches back 33 years. Taking advantage of the University of Iowa Homecoming, the CME conference draws between 150 and 200 attendees each year. And although reunions with classmates and colleagues are a part of the draw, what gets people to sit in the same hotel conference room for two days is the programming.

Progress 2017: Learning Together in the 21st Century is its full name and conference organizers place a special emphasis on the word “Together” in the subtitle. This point was stressed in opening remarks from the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Donald E. Letendre. Each topic of focus, whether it was telemedicine, breaking difficult news, or managing benzodiazepines, typically combined a physician with a pharmacist. The pairing and diversity of perspective around an issue helped broaden the appeal for attendees.

Last year, updates in the diagnosis and treatment of issues in oncology, immunology, endocrinology, and a couple others were the focus. This year, gastroenterology, hepatology, hospital medicine, infectious diseases, general internal medicine, neurology, and psychiatry received the attention of more than 40 presenters representing eight departments within the Carver College of Medicine and the College of Pharmacy. An additional seven guest faculty members from outside the University of Iowa also presented.

The presenters also varied their approach. In an engaging keynote address, Dr. Bradley Sharpe, Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco, and President of the Society of Hospital Medicine, moved around the audience, pausing to let small groups discuss an idea for a moment. Small-group breakout sessions also allowed for more exchange of ideas and even some hands-on training in a point-of-care ultrasound workshop.

Planning for this year’s event began almost as soon as the last one ended, and it shows. Congratulations to the planning committee, and thank you to all who participated. We will see you next year.

Planning Committee:
Scott Vogelgesang, MD, Course Director
A. Benjamin Appenheimer, MD
Brian Hoff, PharmD
Tony Huynh, PharmD
Martin Izakovic, MD
Ryan Jacobsen, PharmD
Melinda Johnson, MD
Jill Kauer, PharmD
Jennifer Moulton, PharmD
Joe Szot, MD
Jordan Schultz, PharmD
Michael Voigt, MD
Hanna Zembrzuska, MD





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