Highlights from the 5th Annual Advances in Cardiovascular Diagnosis & Therapy

After registration, pastries and coffee, and some opening remarks from course director Dr. Michael Giudici, the first presentation of the morning was underway. Dr. Mahi Ashwath gave a detailed overview of the usefulness of and variety currently available in cardiac MRI, as well as what changes can be expected in the near future.

Dr. Troy Rhodes discussed the utility of lead extraction as well as the risks, benefits, and challenges in establishing a successful program. Given that the majority of the attendees are providers from around the region, the practicalities of Dr. Rhodes’s advice could prove useful.

Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Sharon Beth Larson started off her presentation with a couple quick polls about what level of damage to pants required repair vs the level of damage requiring replacement. This served as a good introduction to new perspectives on surgery for ischemic mitral regurgitation.

The morning closed out with an overview of the special considerations needed for cardiovascular disease in women and in minority populations from Dr. Annabelle Santos Volgman of Rush University Medical Center. One example offered was how the increase in statin use led to dramatically different outcomes over the last thirty years or so.

After lunch, presentations on alternative site pacing from Dr. Giudici, genetic screening from Dr. Barry London, and the connections between stroke and atrial fibrillation from Dr. Ghanshyam Palamnaer Subash Shantha rounded out the afternoon.



Congratulations to Dr. Giudici and his course co-directors Dr. Ramzi El Accaoui and ARNP Suzanne Hennings on a successful event.

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