Highlights from the 20th Annual Update in Infectious Diseases

This year’s well-attended conference struck a balance between broad-interest topics for the larger group and more narrowly focused ones for smaller groups. In the morning, Dr. Bradley Allen addressed the opioid epidemic in Indiana. Dr. Margo Schilling provided updates in adult immunization and Dr. Daniel Fulton targeted updates a primary care provider would need to know about community-acquired pneumonia.

In the afternoon, three sets of three 45-minute breakout sessions offered attendees updates in a broad spectrum of options. Though it is almost certain many had trouble deciding, it is equally certain no one could choose poorly.

  • Judy Streit on travel medicine and preparing patients for overseas travel
  • Nathan Price on Lyme disease in children
  • Eiyu Matsumoto on Hepatitis C treatments
  • Michael Ohl on HIV treatments and prevention for primary care providers
  • Kiran Gajurel on recognizing the difference between Epsetin-barr and mononucleosis
  • Porani Sekar on sexually transmitted diseases
  • Ben Appeneheimer on adverse effects of commonly used antibiotics
  • Michi Goto on S. aureus infections

After the small-group sessions, attendees reconvened to watch case analysis in action. Drs. Allen, Sekar, and Fulton were each presented with details from real cases from Dr. Carl LeBuhn. The three busily took notes while Dr. LeBuhn presented the facts. Then each offered their immediate impressions and what further questions or diagnostics they might pursue.

Congratulations to the planning committee on a successful event:

Daniel Diekema, MD
Ben Appenheimer, MD
Jason Barker, MD
Kathy Flanders, ARNP
Brian Hoff, MD
Ilonka Molano, MD
Poorani Sekar, MD
Judy Streit, MD

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