Internal Medicine Scientific and Medical Editing Service

Regular readers of Noon News caught their link earlier this week to the Carver College of Medicine Scientific Editing and Research Communication Core. Did you know that Internal Medicine provides its members with our own medical and scientific editor?

GreinerKrisKris Greiner joined Internal Medicine’s Design Center last summer as the department’s first medical and scientific editor, expanding their team’s suite of document and graphics support services. Ms. Greiner has more than 25 years of experience as a medical and scientific editor within University of Iowa Health Care. She is highly experienced in writing and editing in the breadth of academic medical and scientific work, including grants, peer-reviewed manuscripts, and book chapters, as well as professional documents, such as biosketches and personal statements.

In the year since she joined the department, Ms. Greiner has assisted a number of Internal Medicine faculty by improving clarity and focus in their grant applications and manuscripts for publication, and worked with a number of members in refining their own words for promotion materials.

Her aid has been appreciated across academic ranks. Professors have praised her “immensely helpful” and “valuable” comments in producing what one called “really a much better paper.” She has given presentations at fellows’ conferences on the nuts and bolts of preparing and submitting manuscripts, a process that some first-year subspecialists said they had never really seen spelled out before. “Thanks for such a thorough review and recommendations,” one fellow wrote to her. “All the senior authors really liked the new edits!!” Ms. Greiner has also helped assistant and associate professors prepare materials for submission to tenure-track committees.

Her services are provided at no charge to members of Internal Medicine. A fee for service is charged to members of all other campus departments. Ms. Greiner is available Monday through Thursday and can be reached via email: You can find a full listing of her services on her web page:


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