2018 Newly Promoted Professors

It is tradition in the Carver College of Medicine that faculty, friends, and family gather and celebrate the achievement of a significant career milestone, promotion to professor. Last week, on the seventh floor of the hospital, in the Atrium, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development Dr. Lois Geist presented 29 faculty members with their formal recognition on behalf of the College, nine of which are Internal Medicine members.

After a brief social hour, Dr. Geist made some opening remarks. She praised the years of hard work that brought them to this point and encouraged them to continue to stand as the proud examples of the University of Iowa they have already proved themselves to be.

Then, as each professor came forward to be recognized and photographed with their department chair, Dr. Geist read brief biographies of the professors’ achievements in clinical care, research, and education. She also read inspirational quotes pre-selected by each professor, which were embossed on framed broadsheets. The sources of the quotes ranged from Emily Dickinson to Albert Einstein but each offered unique insight into the professors’ approach to hard work, medicine, and even natural curiosity.

On September 26, the College will recognize similarly those faculty members promoted to Associate Professor.

Congratulations to the new Professors of Internal Medicine!

Kyle Brown, MD, MSc
Anil Chauhan, PhD, FAHA
Bradley Dixon, MD (not in attendance)
Mony Fraer, MD, FASN, MHCDS (not in attendance)
Brian Gehlbach, MD
Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD
Philip Polgreen, MD, PhD (not in attendance)
Antonio Sanchez, MD
Byron Vandenberg, MD

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