Residents Show SGIM the Iowa Way

Members of the Internal Medicine Residency Program delivered presentations at the most recent meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), including Dr. Matthew McGee, who took first place in the Clinical Vignette Oral Presentation competition. SGIM holds seven regional meetings around the country throughout the year and last month’s Mid-West Regional Meeting in Chicago drew members from thirteen states including Iowa. The meetings provide participants the chance to network and share research, clinical skills, and take advantage of leadership opportunities.

Thanks to the generosity of the Division of General Internal Medicine, nine Iowa residents received financial assistance to attend the two-day Chicago event. With the guidance and mentorship of faculty members the following residents also successfully submitted abstracts for presentation at the event. Congratulations to all involved and our thanks to those faculty members who have made communicating results a part of their educational mission.

Innovations Oral Abstract

Dr. Natalie Cohen (R3) – Improving Treatment of Prediabetes with Metformin in an Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic – Mentored by Drs. Krista Johnson and Becky Davis

Dr. Mohsen Chaudry (R2) – Improving accurate diagnosis of COPD based on the 2017 GOLD guidelines at the resident continuity of care clinics – Mentored by Dr. William Iverson

Dr. Nat Thompson (R3) – Utilization of fecal immunochemical testing for colorectal cancer screening at an academic internal medicine clinic – Mentored by Drs. Gwen Beck and R. Todd Wiblin

Vignette Oral Abstract

Dr. Matthew McGee (R2) – Blood Pressure Control Causing a Bloody Mess – Mentored by Dr. Ethan Kuperman

Scientific Oral Abstract

Dr. Michael Klein (R3) – Evaluation of provider perception and practice of colorectal cancer – Mentored by Drs. Rich Hoffman and Yolanda Villalvazo

Resident Posters 

Dr. Alissa Kauffman (R2) – Not Your Average Gallstone –  Mentored by Dr. Ethan Kuperman

Dr. Michael Catlin (R3) – Doege-Potter Syndrome: Paraneoplastic hypoglycemia due to an IGF-2 secreting – Mentored by Dr. Ethan Kuperman

Dr. Nicholas Arnold (R2) – Two abstracts:
1) The aches and pains of acid control – Mentored by R. Todd Wiblin
2) Diarrhea due to a neuro-endocrine tumor – Mentored by Dr. Laurie Lyckholm

Dr. Jeremy Steinman (R3) – Four abstracts:
1) Foot Exams in a Student-Run Clinic: How to Change Provider Behavior When the Provider Changes Every Week
2) When a Urinary Tract Infection Isn’t a Urinary Tract Infection – Mentored by Dr. Bryan McConomy
3) Long Ago in a Galaxy Fahr Fahr Away – Mentored by Dr. Varun Monga
4) The Interesting Case of a Placement Admission – Mentored by Dr. Bryan McConomy

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