Heart & Vascular Center Holiday Party, 2019

Every office holiday party captures a theme of togetherness simply through its existence and its attendance. But the year-end celebration thrown last week by UI Health Care’s Heart and Vascular Center (HVC) across the noon hour worked in a second theme of generosity.

Members of the HVC, from administrators and front-line staff to surgeons, nurses, cardiologists, and all other providers were encouraged to bring food to share, but also to submit the recipes they used to the event organizers. These were then printed on cards and set out in stacks in front of each treat. Guests could then add those cards to a tiny binder they received upon arrival.

Other members showed their generosity by contributing to one of the many gift sets available for raffle. Various amounts of tickets were given to attendees based on their level of involvement, which they could then sign and drop in bags in front of the gift sets they hoped to win at a later drawing.

In one final bit of sharing, members could also submit their favorite photo from 2019, which got added to a rolling slideshow playing on the monitors around the room. While guests chatted and sampled their colleagues’ treats, they also got to see the friends, family, and locations that those same colleagues value, sparking new conversations.

Organizers hope to make each of these elements yearly traditions. As effortlessly as they were adopted and appreciated this year, that repetition is likely.

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