2021–22 Chief Residents Announced

The following is a statement from Residency Program Director Dr. Manish Suneja.

It is with great pride that I announce the 2021–22 Chief Residents for the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

The Chief Residents are chosen for their leadership skills, moral integrity, and clinical acumen and are the most representative faces of the Internal Medicine Residency Program for the year. The Chief Residency represents the largest investment in leadership made by the Department, but the return on this investment is immeasurable.

We look forward to our Chief Residents serving as teachers, role models, and colleagues to our residents. Please join us in congratulating Desmond, Sydney, Derek, and Yana on their success! We look forward to their leadership.

Dr. Suneja also asked them to briefly describe why they were interested in the position of Chief Resident and what they hope to accomplish in the role. We will feature a longer introduction to the new Chiefs when they formally take office next year.

Barber, Desmond M.D.Desmond Barber, MD

I am honored to be selected as a future chief resident. While moving to a new location and taking on novel challenges can be unnerving, our program’s warm and welcoming nature quickly made Iowa feel like home. This allowed me to take advantage of the unique learning opportunities presented to me while feeling supported and cared for. I am excited to be a part of the continued tradition of excellence here at Iowa. During my chief year, I hope to progress that tradition by strengthen our procedural training while maintaining our dedication to medical student and resident education.

Johnson, Sydney M.D.Sydney Bowmaster, MD

I feel honored to have been selected as a chief resident at such an incredible institution. The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Iowa has helped shape me as a physician and educator, and I am excited to join this next group of leaders and expand upon these roles. As a chief resident, I hope to promote a longitudinal exposure to interactive board-style questions and case discussions while building resident confidence in managing urgent or emergent patient scenarios. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to move our excellent program forward!

Hupp, Derek M.D.Derek Hupp, MD

It is a great honor and privilege to be selected as a chief resident at the University of Iowa, a truly special institution. I am excited to give back to the Internal Medicine program that has helped me so much to grow as a physician and person. As the chief resident in quality and safety, I hope to improve procedure education and safety in our residency program through simulation and case-based learning while getting to learn every day from the outstanding leaders at both the VA and UIHC.


Zemkova, Yana M.D.Yana Zemkova, MD

The University of Iowa has surrounded me with exceptional physicians, passionate educators, and supportive leadership and administration who have all played a pivotal role in the formation of my personal and professional identity. Being selected as one of the chief residents, I can only wish to uphold this amazing precedent and have a similar impact on others that the current and previous chiefs have had on me. My interests lie in education and impactful relationships; my goal is to continue developing educational techniques with an emphasis on clinical reasoning and also address the role of women in medicine.

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