Canceled conferences and the CV

For those who had presentations accepted at now-canceled conferences this spring (and potentially this summer), there might be some confusion over how to list these on a CV. Do they still “count”? Yes, absolutely. Any poster or podium presentation, invited lecture, round table participation, or other activity planned for a conference can and should still be noted on a CV, just as it would have had the meeting gone on as planned, with a couple of easy fixes.

Timothy McAdoo at APA Style has summarized the best “fixes”.

In a nutshell, accepted presentations and abstracts should be listed just as though they had been presented, with a simple notation of “Conference canceled” at the end of the citation. I also suggest, as does Mr. McAdoo, noting any URL where your talk or poster might be posted online. A number of professional organizations are still sorting out their cancellations and figuring out how to post all materials online, so finding your work may take a few weeks. Most organizations will likely send emails to members and invited presenters with updates. If your invited activity does not get posted online, the “Conference canceled” notation will suffice.

For those who still have questions about how to list canceled presentations on a CV, or any other editorial-related queries, please feel free to contact me.

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