Manuscript Tips: Submission Process

The following is the final installment in a series on writing for publication from Kris Greiner, editor in the Design Center. Explore her suite of editing services.

For those who are fairly new to manuscript writing, or for those needing a refresher, I thought a review of what happens to papers after submission might be helpful.

While I have provided a number of posts here about how to structure a manuscript, in terms of both content and formatting, a good overview of the review process is presented by Pippa Smart, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Learned Publishing. In the video below from 2016, Ms. Smart provides a wealth of information about how papers are reviewed after submission, including what editors and reviewers look for and what authors can do to increase their chances of acceptance. 

This post wraps up my series on general writing tips for manuscripts, and I hope I have provided some helpful advice. In my next post, I’ll review manuscript revisions, both for papers that have been outright rejected as well as those that have been provisionally accepted, pending edits suggested by reviewers.

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