The Chiefs’ Grand Rounds, 2021

Every year the Chief Residents deliver a Grand Rounds in Internal Medicine. Though social distancing kept Medical Alumni Auditorium mostly empty, nearly 150 still logged on to cheer these four beloved members of the department dazzle them in their role for one of the last times.

Before that could begin, though, Manish Suneja, MD, Residency Program Director and Vice Chair of Education, and E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, Chair and DEO of the department presented the M4 Student Awards. The Chiefs were also recognized individually with a small token of the department’s appreciation. “Every year,” Suneja said, “I could not do my job without the Chief Residents.” This year, he continued, for many reasons was more challenging than a typical year, and he expressed his gratitude to these Chiefs for all their aid in helping him, the program, and the department weather the storms.

And then it was time for the Chiefs’ presentations. Their acumen was on display in equal measure to their humor and clear communication skills. Amanda Heuszel, MD presented a case where VATS revealed mesothelioma. Nick Arnold, MD, detailed a case where persistence in management–and health insurance–made the difference. Matthew Soltys, MD, explained improving goal concordant care at the VA, and Roger Struble, MD, challenged the standard belief that more fluids is always the better choice. Watch a recording of their presentations here.

We’ll miss these Chiefs! Congratulations and best wishes to all four of you.

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