The Chiefs’ Grand Rounds, 2022

As much as they are leaders in the residency program, the Chief Residents’ acumen as clinicians and educators is rarely on full display to the entire institution and beyond. Every year, they are invited to deliver a Grand Rounds in Internal Medicine close to the end of their term in office. (View previous years’ presentations here: 2021, 2020, 2019.)

Before they could begin, though, Interim Chair and DEO Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD, offered a few words of gratitude and congratulations to them on their achievements. “You have made a lasting impact on our academic life,” she said, “and I hope that the experience has been as impactful and meaningful to you as it has been to the people around you.” Grumbach also congratulated Manish Suneja, MD, Residency Program Director and Vice Chair of Education, for his leadership, for another successful year for the residency program and for his continued strengthening of the department’s education mission.

Suneja then presented the first results of the awards voted on by the residents themselves. (See the full slate of winners here.) The Chiefs were also recognized individually with a small token of the department’s appreciation. “All of us in the department,” Suneja said, “have been impressed by their knowledge, their motivation, and their commitment to ideals of patient care and education.”

And then it was time for the Chiefs’ presentations. Yana Zemkova, MD, presented a case of someone with an ACTH-secreting neuroendocrine tumor developing ectopic Cushing’s syndrome. Sydney Bowmaster, MD, detailed the establishment of a new ultrasound training pathway for residents in our program, which has long led in point-of-care ultrasound training. Desmond Barber, MD, discussed a case of cryoglobulinemia, what signs to watch for in order to diagnose it and how to treat it, and Derek Hupp, MD, explained a process by which hospital follow-up for veteran care was improved. Watch a recording of their presentations here.

Our congratulations to these Chiefs! We will miss them and their enthusiasm, especially for making movies!

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