Dare to Discover, 2022

Since 2016, the University of Iowa’s Office of the Vice President for Research has sponsored a banner campaign around downtown Iowa City to feature researchers whose ideas are already making an impact on the world. The Dare to Discover campaign has at times focused on faculty members, undergraduates, and this year, a mix of learners at every level, from postdoctoral fellows to graduate students to undergrads.

Each year since, the Department of Internal Medicine has been represented in some way on at least one or two banners. This year, we are proud to count three of the 82 rising stars in this year’s banner campaign as connected to our department.

Calvin Carter, PhD, Neuroscience—Postdoctoral Fellow
Bioengineers wearables for diabetes

Faculty mentor/advisor: Val Sheffield, MD PhD, Professor and Co-Founder, Iowa Vision Research Institute; Dale Abel, MD PhD, Professor Endocrinology and Chair of Medicine, UCLA Health; Douglas Spitz, PhD, Professor and Director of the Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

Calvin’s research is focused on a non-invasive diabetes treatment via a wearable device that can be worn while sleeping. It has the potential to completely transform diabetes treatment and the quality of life for millions of people.
– Shelly Campo, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs

Hardik Kalra, M.A. student, Human Physiology
Develops innovative diagnostic tools

Faculty mentor/advisor: Melissa Bates PhD, FAPS, Associate Professor of Health and Human Physiology, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics

Hardik has a heart that drives him to help Iowans facing challenging health problems and the brilliance it takes to come up with creative solutions. His passion for health and physiology will lead him to discover great things.
Melissa Bates, Associate Professor of Health and Human Physiology

Vijayvardhan Kamalumpundi, M.D. student
Studies COVID-19 comorbidities

Faculty mentor/advisor: Marcelo Correia, MD, MSc, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Vijay has been relentless in pursuing research and scholarship opportunities throughout his time as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, and even more so during his first year of medical school. Throughout his time at Iowa, he has networked with healthcare professionals and researchers, and leveraged these connections to create research opportunities for himself across the translational sciences pipeline. From bench research elucidating novel biochemical mechanisms to global health work that has an impact on population health, Vijay has seemingly been involved in it all during his short time at Iowa.
– Marcelo Correia, Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine



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